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Private VS Public Banking

Why private stem cells bank

  • Because this is the only way to preserve the right to chose how, when, where and for what to use your child's stem cells.
  • Because the stem cells from your child can eventually help other members of your family. There is substantially higher change of compatibility when used for treating brother, sister or parent, than when using cells from a public bank.
  • Because the stem cells are always at your disposal and when needed for treatment they can be used immediately. The search for compatible donor in public bank ranges between 25 000 and 30 000 Euro, which are nonrefundable if the cells are rejected by the recipient.
  • Because in autologous transplantation (own stem cells) the compatibility is 100%, the risk of rejection is nonexistent and the possible complications are brought to minimum.
  • Because when needed for allogenic transplantation (someone else's stem cells) the compatibility with family members is times higher and therefore such treatment is much safer.

*“Saint Lazar” Stem Cells Bank supports the idea of preserving the stem cells, because they are too valuable for the health of the child and its family to be simply thrown away after birth. Should they be donated to a public bank or used as insurance for the child and the family health is a personal choice, depending entirely on the parents.

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