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Bank and Laboratory

The main sacks, containing the stem cellsThe main sacks, containing the stem cells
Samples, cryopreserved along with the main sack, for HLA typificationSamples, cryopreserved along with the main sack, for HLA typification
Centrifuge of the samplesCentrifuge of the samples
Liquid nitrogen bottleLiquid nitrogen bottle
The sample after the centrifugeThe sample after the centrifuge
Processing in controlled environmentProcessing in controlled environment
Programmed freezingProgrammed freezing

The whole technological equipment in “Saint Lazar” is manufactured by THERMO Scientific, USA, which is the most reputable company in this industry worldwide. All units are being preserved in cryocontainers in liquid nitrogen at constant temperature of -196˚С, with 3 levels of alarm systems for maximum control.

“Saint Lazar” has its own autonomous electricity generator. Although not necessary for the cryopreservation itself, all operation, controlling and emergency systems are working with electricity, thus the lack of such “emergency option” would put in doubt the responsibility of the bank and the safety of the cryocontainers.

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