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Gurcheva MD took part in the World Cord Blood Congress, which was held in November 2011 in France.

The congress was gathering of the most renowned scientists in the world in the clinical testing of stem cells treatments. Most of the discussions were in the area of known obstacles and new possibilities for future development, as well as the most recently achieved results in the usage of stem cells in the Regenerative Medicine.

French team of scientists presented their developments in the most innovative aspect of modern medicine - the regenerative therapy. The French team showed their progress in the treatments of burns.

Burns, is known to be lesions, which may cause by local inflammatory changes and necrosis, those in tern may affect the skin and sub dermal structures. Current trends in treatment include surgical excisions, autologous epidermal and transplantations, however those are with uncertain positive effect.

The group focuses on the effect of local application of mesenchymal stem cells, combined with surgery and autologous transplantation. The mesenchymal stem cells are extracted from bone marrow, tested in laboratories and after the test results proved they are within all standards, they were used in the treatment. The expected effect is explained by the cytokines, produced by them, and the growth factors, that have very important role for the recovery process – by limiting the local inflammation while stimulating the process of transplantation.

Another interesting discussion presented the team of scientists from England, who were focused on the usage of umbilical cord blood stem cells for treatments of the immune system.

The treatment of the immune system reflects on the diseases, caused by distorted adaptive immunity. The research show positive results where other treatments, such as chemotherapy or radiotherapy, were unsuccessful.

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