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Because the future belongs to them

To be completely sure when making such an important decision, the specialists of “Saint Lazar” Stem Cells Bank are available to answer all questions about the gathering, preservation, and potential usage of stem cells.

We believe, that when we are talking about our children's health, the right choice can be made only when you have the complete information.

The gathering of stem cells from the umbilical cord blood takes only few minutes. The chance to do it however is only one, and the decision - for life.

The creation of life is a wonderful, yet very responsible step for all future parents. Although it is a very joyful occasion, there are a lot of important decisions we have to make, most of which has to be made before the baby comes to this world - with which doctor to consult, where to give birth, what name to choose... We can change most of those during the pregnancy, however the collection and preservation of stem cells from the umbilical cord blood is extremely important choice, which we cannot change afterwards simply because it is once in a lifetime opportunity.

The modern medicine gives us the chance to use this gift from the nature as a future protection for our child's health.

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